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1619 Grant Avenue
Philadelphia , PA 19115

Behind The Deli

Steve Stein’s Famous Gourmet Deli-Restaurant and has been family owned and operated for over fifty years. We pickle, cook and prepare our own meats daily. Our homemade garlic roast beef is rare and moist or well done and tender, however you like it.

We have fresh oven roasted turkey breast (available in garlic too) which is a healthy deli delight. Our corned beef is what we’re known for, always sliced thin and lean, or juicy and fatty, depending on your preference. Our salads are all homemade, and the white fish salad is a smoky, creamy, taste of heaven.  Our smoked fish attracts the majority of our customers with hand sliced lox, smoked salmon, sable, jumbo whitefish and more! Having friends to the house?Famous Deli will make deli sandwich platters and fruit platters that will impress and delight your guests.